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A Bit about Me

And it is only a bit, as well! I am quite a shy bod really and get very uncomfortable at having to describe myself to the masses. But not to matter - I am an intellegent cutie with a lervly smile and a pierced left nipple to die for. I am young(ish), down-to-earth, and although this is starting to sound uncomfortably like a singles ad, I am happily attached to my boyfriend Miles and the rigours of life in an old watermill, complete with roof-top patio garden! When I do get some time to myself, I like to relax with a good bottle of wine, put on the stereo (I am a music-maniac!) or else cuddle up in my futon with a good book and a nice cuppa tea!

I'm 30, a bit of a vinyl junkie (as I think you may have already gathered) and am particularly into the artists on the 4AD Record Label (gus gus, Throwing Muses, Heidi Berry, Dead Can Dance, The Wolfgang Press - if that means anything to any of you). I treated myself to a real-cute stereo system when I graduated from my Pharmacy course in Manchester, and as a result now have to share my front room with my seemingly endless and forever expanding record collection.

Music is not my only interest. I am also in to most things of an arty nature. In fact, you could say I'm a bit of a "culture-vulture." I enjoy strolling around the odd gallery and especially like London for this reason. When I'm not eyeing up the odd constable ;-) I love to do the restaurant thing (if it's got a pulse, it's lunch) and of course, what self-respecting gay man (oh, didn't I say??) doesn't enjoy a bit of shopping. Harvey Nichols and the Conran shop are current faves, and I have to admit, I do sometimes feel as though I am living the Ab. Fab. stereotyped gay lifestyle.

My partner Miles whose lifestyle is, dare I say, miles away from any stereotyped gay one deserves a paragraph to himself I think. We met in the summer of '97 via the internet, funnily enough, and the help of a certain ex-shag and East End rogue made good. Miles is a bit of an intellectual sparring partner, a bit of a vulnerable cutie, a bit of a disarming psycho and a jolly good lay to boot; and as he is a doctor I seem to have some competition for his bedside manner. He is rather tall (and who says size isn't important), slim and a choc-o-holic - and yes he can manage the two alarmingly well, the bastard! He is interested in most things computerish, reads now and again (sometimes even something other than Terry Pratchett), likes playing games (in and out of bed) and used to have a ranking in Go (a Chinese board game) - clever sod! He also has succeeded in addicting me to Magic: The Gathering much to my bank managers despair.

For those of you interested, I am a pharmacist and work for Superdrug in the East Midlands region (not that this may mean anything to those of you inside of SW5. I hope to put some useful Pharmacy or general Health-related links on, but don't really want to end up advertising myself or my page as some 'Early Morning Television "Doc-Spot." I will give my own (humble) opinion on general health matters though, if asked.

Up to date, New Year 2000

Since we've managed to do over 2.5 years of coupledom we finally decided to go all the way for the millennium (well that is if you believe it is actually the new millennium - personally I intend to celebrate it again in style in 2001, just in case!). So off we went shopping and after much deliberation have finally bought a pair of matching white and yellow gold rings (who says romance is dead?!). So we can now nauseate everyone by being even more brazenly coupley (if that were possible) than before!


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My Music Links

The Home of the 4AD Record label. Can get a bit out-of-date but they've promised to rectify that in the very near future. Good source of general information, new releases, and band interviews.

The official Dead Can Dance site, full of the latest on their current tour and their album 'Spiritchaser'. Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard have been collaborating together now for well over a decade, combining the traditional sound of instruments from far-away places with their haunting and breathtaking vocal accompaniments. Although they have been working on solo projects of late, they are arguably more unified here than on many previous releases.

The Cocteau twins. The Site. This is a group that will need little introduction to those of you with taste-a-plenty, or indeed those with fond memories of their special contribution to mid-eighties fuck-music. Their Treasure album was just such a classic and it is from where this site takes its name. Although the group have changed record labels and moved on since then , they still produce plenty of marvelous melodies, and Liz's voice is not one ever to be forgotten. Special indeed.

The official site dedicated to the work of Kristin Hersh and The Throwing Muses. One of the spate of American signings to the label in the mid-to-late eighties, along with the Pixies and Ultra-Vivid-Scene. The Muses have since branched out with the departure of Tanya Donelly and the subsequent formation of Belly. The site has plenty of info on the latest tours and the Muses seventh album, 'Limbo'. Kristin is pregnant again so catch the tour now rather than later! Her live performances are a treat. She gives much of herself and the honesty of her solo work is a humbling experience.

Some non-4AD stuff!

Everything here and more can be found on Mr Sylvian and his related projects including those eighties starlets Japan. Whether it be that elusive Sakaomoto collaboration or some early history regarding Japans' Adolescent Sex phase you should find a link to it here. Yes, for those of you not in the know, Japan and raucus sexual lyrics were all part of the course back in the late seventies - bet'cha didn't think he had it in him did ya?!!

This is a searchable database - not only of the Zang Tuum Tumb Label, but of loads of other eighties bands as well. Should keep at least one of my scrummy friends happy :-) . I'm sure that there must be loads of you eighties freaks out there somewhere. If so , then jump on in!!

The Propaganda Site. Well, a good list of what they got up to in the golden year of '85 anyway... Claudia Brücken was such a radical femme back then - anyone who poses for a photo-shoot wearing nothing but a chainmail suit with boosoms in full view gets my wholehearted approval!! If only the majority of men had such great tits! Site aided and abetted by the marvelous Sean Pert. A playful scamp if ever there was one...

NME - that bastion of good old British music journalism! Build 'em up and knock 'em down - either way, the latest noise sensations get plenty of column inches. A paper you either love or hate, but online there is a searchable database of hundreds of gigs nationwide. Worth a visit just for that I recon.

a look at what was hot and what was not
during the year of '99

Absolutely Fabulous Links

The Ab.Fab site for the anally retentive! Everything here from pictures, storylines, to Edinas favourite fashion labels. "Names, Names, Names, sweedie!" - and then some!

Absolutely Fabulous links galore. Plenty here for all you Fabbo-philes to get your teeth into. But could even a site as good as this persuade Princess Margaret into a Vivien Westwood basque? We think not!

Not an Absolutely Fabulous site but an absolutely fabulous site, if you know what I mean! An irreverant look at the lives and the frolics of an intrepid bunch of Bootsters from the Nottinghamshire area. Humour is a bit on the Victoria Wood side of things, just imagine her after a supermarket-sweep style foray into the nearest dispensary and you'll get the picture. You have been warned, oh yes indeedy!

Definitely an Absolutely Fabulous site - a shrine to Camille Paglia. Modern day Icon, rebel without a pause, she spreads the feminist message by word of mouth. In her own words: Sex is a comedy, not a tragedy. The problem with feminists is they want to turn it into this melodrama. She is amusing, self-promotional, high camp and perceptive. Immerse yourselves NOW!

Ready to take a short break?

Foodie Links

Formerly the eGG site, but now called the global gourmet - an e-zine devoted to all things foodie. Full of recipes, tips and food trivia. Entertaining in a Sunday supplement kind of way. If I said it gave directions to a shop in your area selling truffles for a pound/lb then of course I'd only be yolking. (acht! did I really just put that!)

For those fellow believers of if it's got a pulse it's lunch here's the definitive guide to those London fooderies. The really cool kats wouldn't be without it. After all, it would never do to be caught unawares when asked for the best place in town to try Monkey...

A gourmet's guide to the best in the wonderous world of cheeses. If blue stuff that puts up a fight at the table is your bag, then this is the site for you! For those of us more down to earth in our paletable preferences, there is still plenty of info on the more mundane side of things. Anyone for good old-fashioned Cheddar?

Whatever way you slice it, you can't escape from the fact that food is ace! Just think of chocolate, or there's chocolate. How about chocolate for a change? Or strawberries? smoked salmon? Chips, crisps and lard? Well, perhaps not! . Fresh fruit & veg, that's what this site is good at. You can search for recipes containing a particular food which is neat. So go on - go get healthy!

Pharmacy Links

The home of Boots The Chemists. Boots has actually done itself proud with this site. It features a live pollen count report, searchable vitamin database and plenty of good sound advice for holidays, general health and of course beauty tips in abundance. It is aimed at the female market which makes a good change although there is information here for everybody.

The online equivalent of the weekly "Chemist and Druggist" magazine. This is mainly of interests to us whizzo pharmacists and other "Healthcare professionals" but you may find something of interest there.

An eminently useful pharmacy link, with sections on all sorts of healthcare and pharmacy issues. Good for patient advice and common questions as well as being thoroughly comprehensive on all sorts of minor illnesses and major diseases.

A site that should need little explaining, so I'll give my typing fingers a rest. The British Medical Journal. Online.

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