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Welcome To James' rogue's gallery...

pic of me!

...a round up of the (un)usual suspects!

Phwoooarrr!!! I don't know who this is but I think he's rather gorgeous. Hang on, Miles says it's a picture of him, so I'd better write something else so he doesn't get big-headed.

This is us at the party we threw in Hart's restaurant for our joint 30th birthdays. The usual sport of shock the waiter was enjoyed by all, although so much wine was consumed that can't remember what was said and what wasn't. The waiter was the soul of discretion - nuff said!

Carol and Sean at the party. Speech therapy has never looked so glam!

Our pals Phil and Nigel, out of their biker leathers for once at our party, and by the looks of it we now know who drank those extra bottles of wine....

Matt and David trying not to look too bemused (1) at Sean's shirt and (2) at the surrounding mayhem.

Adam coping manfully with our more vociferous friends.

The birthday cake! Received by special delivery courtesy of SPertForce Couriers. Whole treaties have already been written on this subject - suffice to say we are still doing the psychotherapy. A Jane Asher party cake it was not!

Kate - perhaps looking slightly lost for lack of available totty, although there was a particular waiter she didn't seem to like to let out of her sights.

Jane, Stephen and me reclining, probably post drink round at theirs.

Jeff and Justine, from the flat below, obviously recuperating after a hard days something - although we are never quite sure what Jeff actually does. Rumour has it he's looking for an opening in the web entertainment industry...

Carol and Sean on the patio. With me. Drinking coffee. Full stop. (Ed: Will someone please top up James' erudition reservoir)

A pre-clubbing in Manchester group hug - just in case one of us doesn't survive the rigors of Cruz101.