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pic of me!

My do's and don'ts rants!

I don't do yesterday I don't do Andrew Lloyd Weber

I don't do crop-tops I do do chinese

I do do sex I don't do as much of it as my other half would like

I don't do MacDonalds I do do Vodka

I don't do sneering I don't do motorways

I don't do the scene (much) I don't do Disney

I do do Champagne I do do restaurants

I do do Chocolate I don't do football

I don't do Moss Side I do do Anchovys

I do do chit-chat I do do Romeo Gigli

I do do hen nights (don't ask!) I do do Harvey Nichs

I don't do car boot sales I do do crying

I do do being nice I don't do wine from a box

I don't do tolerance of families with prams down Oxford Street near Christmas I do do romantic

I don't do cheap I don't do a good job of balancing my accounts

I don't do popadums I don't do peer-end shows

I do do tongue-in-cheek I do do humour

I do do cream teas and toasted teacakes I don't do Ralph Lauren shirts, untucked or otherwise

I don't do Noel's House Party I do do anally retentive (but I'm growing out of it)

I do do anything Dennis Cooper or High Risk I do do Moscow Mules on V (fifth floor)

I do do beautiful friendships I do do scrabble and boardgames

I don't do anything with Jim Davidson in it I don't do Mr Blobby

I do do guys with pecs (or rather, I'd like to!) I don't do quick responses to my emails