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'99 - A Survivor's guide...

Spinning @ 45!

(1) Starlovers GUS GUS
(2) Expo 2000 KRAFTWERK
(3) Starshine CUBA
(5) I Surrender DAVID SYLVIAN

Beurghhh!! - CUBAN BOYS - Cognoscenti vs intelligentsia

Spinning @ 331/3 !

(1) Dead Bees on a Cake DAVID SYLVIAN
(2) Sequenzas I to XIII LUCIANO BERIO
(3) The Seduction of Claude Debussy ART OF NOISE
(4) Eye of the Hunter BRENDAN PERRY
(5) Nightlife PET SHOP BOYS

Beurghhh!!! - Charlotte Church - I know someone invented battery acid for a good reason

Culture Vulture's Smoked Salmon Snackettes:

(1) Jackson Pollock (Tate)
(2) Ana Maria Pacheco (National Gallery)
(3) Wading my way through Umberto Eco
(4) (not only) Blue magazine
(5) Bel Littlejohn in the Guardian
(6) Clockwork Orange (Nottingham Playhouse)
(7) The Nightingale's Not to Blame (Theatre Royal)
(8) Let Them Eat Cake (BBC)
(9) Walking With Dinosaurs (BBC)
(10) Queer as Folk (Channel 4)

Culture Vulture's Soggy Sarnies:

(1) The Turner prize exhibition
(2) Cafe Rouge, Nottingham for its memorably bad service
(3) Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
(4) Shoreditch - So much for up and coming London areas
(5) Axiom magazine - gay life is more than drugs and disco
(6) Pre-Millenial hype
(7) The Fontana Exhibition (Hayward Gallery)


(1) Lunching at Pelham Street (Chelsea)
(2) Supper at the White Onion (Islington)
(3) Hart's Restaurant for a 30th birthday party
(4) Angelo's Old Vine White - a remarkable find courtesy of Mr. Gauntley
(5) Finally getting a CD player
(6) Hospitality a la Jeff and Justine in flat 4
(7) Broadway cinema and cafe-bar - meaning you can do pretentious in 2 ways at the same time

This little piggy went to market...

(1) Krup's coffee makers (even if it was a present)
(2) Kenzo - Time for peace
(3) Discovering 101 uses for a web cam...
(4) Going mad in a pre-millenial ring buying extravaganza
(5) A new car - which actually starts when you turn the key and isn't brown!

This little piggy stayed in Macclesfield...

(1) Slant boards and dumbells not leading to Marky Mark pecs in 30 minutes
(2) Dismay at finding my suit is tight even though it's only 2 years old - mind you, it gives me an excuse to buy a new one!
(3) Still having to avoid Stilton, croissants and Hollandaise
(4) Trying and failing for a gothic dinner theme with pewter plates which looked nice until a knife was waved near the plate
(5) A disappointing bottle of wine (any)

Lust Objects!

(1) Michael Owen
(2) Tim Vincent
(3) The cute one off Dr. Willoughby
(4) Wes Craven - the model, not the film director!!
(5) Flirty waiters and shop assistants - after all, what are we paying for?!

for indulging me!