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My Design Links

The Conran Shop. Nothing quite beats a good old treck down Fulham road, and virtual shopping is better than no shopping at all. Heavy on the big stuff and short on knick-nacks, but it is their 'moving-in' catalogue, after all!

For all you designer label lovers, the ultimate in what's hot and what's not. Search for the nearest stockist of your fave Italian couture and get sussed with the latest fashion tips. My own advice for the forthcoming season is as follows "sling-backs - I don't think so!"

Salon - an on-line journal with hints to both the serious and the silly, including such gems as the Ask Camille site which is well worth a visit if you're in need of cheering up!

A Daily with attitude and then some! Their no mercy approach to topical thought, political observances and cultural mores makes this a fascinating and rewarding read. Changing daily and with just one managable diatribe to digest it makes life seem just that little bit more - er - understandable.

Post-modernist culture. An online edition of the journal with the latest in post-modernist thinking and contributions from many a scholarly luminary on this most fascinating of subjects. Bit hard going though, if the truth be told.

Be it intrigue and accessability in The Name of the Rose or an intellectual tour de force such as Focault's Pendulum this man's work really can be appreciated by anyone who cares to take the time to discover him. His cultural essays are equally illuminating and humerous.

Alberto Alessi. An Icon of household design who has helped moved the post-modernist aesthetic well and truly into the mainstream (perhaps with a little help from the Absolutely Fabulous Edina Monsoon!)

Plenty of my own links here. Explore design at the turn of the Century in the Art nouveau period. Luminaries such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, from Glasgow, Emile Galle and Daum Fréres from across the channel and that leading arbiter of taste in the New World - Louis Comfort Tiffany.

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