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Welcome To James' Arts are Alive! Page

A Work by Amanda Faulkner.
I know very little about this Artist so if you have any information, please get in touch with me

My Art-related Links

Some lovely pre-raphaelite pictures including William Waterhouse' Hylas and the Nymphs. Not at all indecent, the title of the page being more a pointed comment on internet censorship, but there is a clear explanation on the page so I won't prattle on here.

The Rossetti Archive. Pre-raphaelite style at its best here, and plenty to search for and view to get you fully genned-up on your subject matter.

For all you designer label lovers, the ultimate in what's hot and what's not Art-wise. Featuring such énfant terribles as Damien Hirst and Nicola Schwartz. Not forgetting Jana Sterbak. Remember the furore caused by the figure dressed in nothing but slabs of beef? One for the Sacchi fans I think.

My Java-enabled Impressionist site. Yes , you too can now create your own little masterpieces. Your 15 minutes of fame start now...and who needs Mr DeMilne?!

Fineart Online. Organised in 4 sections with a gallery to boot. Plenty of articles as well as images and makes an informative read.

We all deal with the issues surrounding AIDS in our own, different ways, but one of the most visual is in the many thousands of quilts that have been produced as an expression of love and of rememberance for loved ones who have died from this disease. ArtAIDS deals with this and many other visual responses to AIDS as well.

Jake Tilson's Cooker site. Makes my head bleed! The nearest I've seen to the web as a piece of art and thus highly recommended. After months of having misplaced the link I 've finally tracked it down again. Well worth a visit!

Queer up North? It certainly is! Although the festival has now finished the webpage continues along similar themes, exploring northern responses to queer ploitics through the artistic media.